Let’s get it started


I am very happy to announce the official start of the Limcore platform!

I wish it will be a place for a lot of people to share the knowledge, experience and to network with each other.

The whole platform is divided into 3 content sources: Blog, YouTube Channel and Podcast. Feel free to use any platform is the most suitable to you. If you like running or are stuck in the traffic jam: Podcast is a great option to get inspired by my talks with various guests. If you like watching moving objects on your screen: use the YouTube Channel. When you are waiting for a bus/taxi/train or are sitting in a very well know place 😉 – pick up the Blog Posts.

Generally I plan Blog Posts to be the most technical part of the content on Limcore. I will try to keep YouTube channel and the Podcasts episodes to be more socialized 😉

See you soon 😉

If we can help you or you know how to use our competencies - let us meet for a coffee. You can also call us, send an email, traditional letter or a pigeon.

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