Spot from Boston Dynamics in Microsoft Azure! AI on the MOVE Webcast!

28.04.2021 / #AI / #Boston Dynamics / #Robotics / #SPOT

We talk with Stefan Leininger (Microsoft), Markus Loosen (Microsoft), Arpit Mehta (Microsoft), Kevin Hawryluk (Cluster Reply) about our solution more deeply, how it is built and how it works. Moreover, we also talk about:

  • Autonomous Systems
  • Azure PaaS Services
  • Azure on the move
  • Robotic, AI and IoT Innovations
  • Edge Capabilities
  • New Business Scenarios

+ one surprise topic which combines the drone with the Boston DynamicsSPOT Robot.

Haven’t you seen the 3min Video showcasing the Use Case of Autonomous Remote Inspection for Vehicles yet? Check this out:

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