SPOTcast #1 Robotics from Boston Dynamics at Reply. Benefits of Artificial Intelligence?

10.08.2020 / #Artificial Intelligence / #Boston Dynamics / #Reply / #Robotics / #SPOT / #SPOTcast

The first episode of the new series: SPOTcast! Host: Marek Matuszewski (Cluster Reply)


We talk with: Sarah Lewandowski (Leadvise Reply), Heiner von Brachel (Reply) and Christian Koetschan (Concept Reply) about our new robotic friend: SPOT from Boston Dynamics. Reply is taking part in the Early Adopters Program from Boston Dynamics and is one of the first companies in Europe having the SPOT robot in it’s offices.

We discuss:

– How innovation works overall?

– Deep dive in the capabilities of the SPOT from Boston Dynamics.

– Consequences of having innovation.

– Is it worth to invest in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics?

– How do we adopt to innovation?

– Couple Use Cases possible with the robots like SPOT.

– How our life will change and the way we interact with robots?

– Deep dive in Artificial Intelligence in robotics

– How we as humans can distinguish from the robots?

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