SPOTcast #2 Robotics from Boston Dynamics at Cluster Reply. Real-world use cases. Security.

17.12.2020 / #Artificial Intelligence / #Boston Dynamics / #Reply / #Robotics / #SPOT / #SPOTcast

The second episode of the new series: SPOTcast! Host: Marek Matuszewski (Cluster Reply)


We talk with: Beatrice Aretz, Deniz Atma, Kevin Hawryluk about our new robotic friend: SPOT from Boston Dynamics.

We discuss:

– Artificial Intelligence and Robotics use cases

– Using SPOT in realistic environments

– Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in Security

– How the inventions influence the future business and daily life

– Recreating the human speech based on the wavelengths bouncing on the objects

– What is important when reading the documentation about Cloud components?

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